Washington Wine Country Map

Washington wine country is unlike any other wine region in the world. What makes Washington State different is that the vineyards are up to 200 miles away from where the wine is made. How is this possible? Well, since vineyards didn’t start popping up in Washington until the late 1960’s, transporting grapes a very long way was not only possible, it was also a good idea.

Why Washington Wine Works

The system of large vineyards and small wineries works for winemakers because they are located close to their largest buying market around Seattle. By selling directly to customers, wineries are able to make more money per bottle than if they sold to distributors. It also costs less to maintain a cellar in the Puget Sound’s temperate zone.

Washington Wine Map

What is Washington Wine Country Like?

Most of Washington’s vineyards are located east of the Cascade Mountains. The climate on the eastern side is very different than you might imagine; it’s dry and sunny! Very large glacial rivers, including the Columbia River, flow through Washington making it possible to support a large farming industry. Before wine was planted in Walla Walla, WA the city was famous for sweet onions and apricots the size of your hand.

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  1. Because of the sheer size of these vineyards, the people who manage these vineyards only focus on viticulture. Yes, if you re in Washington, otherwise, no. This is because wineries have poor distribution outside of the state and it s hard to find recommended wines.

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